Ok-journal Vol., 1 . . . No. 1

Multiplying the Impact of Remittances

Overseas Kenyans are a steady reliable partner in development. In difficult times – a drought, a locust invasion, or a pandemic – Kenyans who live, work or study outside the country always dig deeper into their pockets to support their families in Kenya. The culture of remittances is firmly entrenched, at least among first generation of Kenyans abroad.


Where China and Africa can go next

Many African policymakers and analysts would recommend modernizing African agriculture and food production to be the second priority to help Africa avert what could be ...

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Africa’s Place in the Global Financial Order

A study reported that countries in three regions could not account for varying quantities of food aid: North Africa, 3.8 percent; Sub-Saharan Africa, ...

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Celebrating the African Continental Free Trade Area

Amid all the gloom and pessimism about Africa, there is good news that should make Africans walk with their heads a little higher: the African ...

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Sending Kenyan Security Forces to Haiti

Haiti. The source of millions of tons of sugar, indigo, and cotton, the richest colony in the 18th century French empire, the Pearl of ...

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